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Posts tagged "Drunk Driving Accidents"

Tips for persuading a person to not drive drunk

Some people in Pennsylvania may wonder how they can prevent individuals from driving after they have been drinking alcohol. When trying to dissuade someone from driving drunk, it is important to remain nonconfrontational. It might be necessary to speak slowly and explain things more carefully than would be needed with a sober person.

What alcohol does to motorists

While people who drive likely know that operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher is illegal, motorists in Pennsylvania and other states sometimes feel like they have not had too much to drink or that they are not affected by the alcohol they have consumed. However, even one alcoholic drink can result in side effects and hurt one's driving ability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided some information about alcohol consumption and driving.

Important impaired driving facts

Pennsylvania motorists may understand the serious consequences of impaired driving, but the issue continues to be a major problem across the nation. Nearly 30 deaths occur each day because of driver impairment, and national costs related to such incidents approach $60 billion per year. With approximately one-third of accident-related fatalities occurring in connection with alcohol use, there is significant room for changes to be made.

Passive sensor prevention could eliminate the drunk driver

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents, and the U.S. Department of Transportation has a standing interest in reducing its frequency. A fatal accident caused by a drunk driver can result in serious injuries and deaths, as well as criminal and civil lawsuits with their attendant costs to individuals and society. New technology that was recently unveiled is being hailed by officials as a means of preventing this on par with education and enforcement efforts.

Riding with impaired drivers: a recipe for disaster?

There is little doubt that drunk driving can and has caused numerous injuries and wrongful deaths in Pennsylvania. There is a reason why it is illegal to drive while drunk or impaired by drugs -- it is wildly dangerous, not only to the one doing it, but also everyone else on the road. Combine drunk driving with inexperienced teenage drivers and catastrophic injuries could result.