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Posts tagged "Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents"

Statistics on large truck and bus accidents

Pennsylvania motorists may not know that while fatal accidents involving large trucks and buses are on the rise, they still have not reached the 21st-century high. In 2005, there were 5,231 of these types of vehicles involved in fatalities. In 2015, although there was an 8 percent increase compared to the previous year, the number of large trucks and buses involved was 4,311.

Pickup trucks score well in avoiding vehicle fatalities

Pickup trucks and SUVs scored better than average in vehicle fatality figures, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report released May 22. The overall rate for all passenger vehicles throughout Pennsylvania and the U.S. was 30 driver deaths per million registrations.

Side-mounted underride guards could save lives

According to testing, underride guards for trailers could reduce injuries and fatalities on Pennsylvania highways. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which conducted the testing, said that these guards could provide the same safety benefits as rear-mounted guards.

Pennsylvania wrongful death matters

It is unfortunate that some families lose their loved ones in motor vehicle accidents and other incidents caused by the wrongful actions of a negligent party. If you have lost your loved one in this manner, you are likely overwhelmed by your shock and grief while also reeling from economic and noneconomic losses as well.

Accidents involving trucks transporting hazardous materials

Pennsylvania motorists are often extremely cautious when they encounter semi-tractor trailers transporting tanks of hazardous materials. When these tanks are ruptured in a collision or rollover, the resulting spills of crude oil, gasoline or flammable gas can cause explosions, fires and environmental damage. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compiled statistics about the causes of the approximately 1,300 rollover accidents involving tanker trucks each year, and it concluded that most of these crashes were caused by some form of driver error.

Man accused of drunk driving in a Pennsylvania accident

A 42-year-old Hellertown man has been charged with vehicular homicide stemming from a May 28 multi-vehicle crash that left a man dead. According to police, the Hellertown man had a blood alcohol concentration of .22 percent shortly after the crash occurred.

University of Pennsylvania student killed in pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents are often tragic, in part because individuals have no real protection against fast-moving vehicles. If a car slams into a person, even at 20 mph, it can cause serious injuries. The faster the car is traveling, the greater the risk of life-changing injuries or death. Sadly, in this week's story, a new graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School was hit while walking. Despite his best efforts to avoid being hit, he was thrown off an elevated walkway and fell 38 feet.

Study: 2 nights of sleep are better than 1 for truck drivers

Anyone who has driven in Chalfont has likely seen some large semitrailer trucks on the road. While trucking is an important business in Pennsylvania, the truck industry has historically been very concerned with profits, sometimes at the cost of motorist safety. Sadly, there are a number of truck accidents that happen in the Philadelphia metro area each year, many of which are fatal. Sometimes, the accident could easily have been prevented if the trucker had just one night more of sleep.