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How Pennsylvania awards child custody

When a Pennsylvania court is handling a child custody portion of a divorce proceeding, the primary consideration is the best interests of the child. The court weighs factors that affect the safety of the child, whether the child would require relocation and the child's school situation, among other considerations. In addition to interviewing the child's parents, the court may also speak with the child or a representative of the child to glean information regarding custody and visitation rights.

Fathers rights loophole tightened in new bill

A bill that has passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives would make it harder for those who became fathers through rape to have custody or visitation rights to their children. The bill would also enable the mother of a child conceived through rape to ask for financial assistance from the father without granting any further rights to that child. Under current law, a parent is unable to get child support if other parental rights have been terminated.Under state law, if a parent is convicted of rape, that could be used as a basis to deny the custodial or other parental rights of that parent. While the best interest of a child are always taken into consideration when making a child custody decision, it was not until January of 2011 when it officially became part of the process of determining whether or not a parent could provide a safe environment for a child.The bill will now have to be approved by the Senate in Pennsylvania before it can then be signed into law. In addition to the bill being passed in the state, there is a federal version of the bill that would make it significantly harder for rapists to gain custody or visitation rights to the children that they conceived. There are many reasons why a parent may be granted or denied child custody or other parental rights. In the case of conception through rape, a judge may deny custody because it would not be in the best interest of the child to do so. Anyone who wishes to gain sole custody of their child may want to speak to a family law attorney who may be able to review the facts in a given case to help that person potentially have his or her request granted.

Mother fights for fair custody arrangement with her ex

When parents divorce or separate, they have to come up with a child custody arrangement. Unless one parent is unsafe or it is otherwise in the best interests of the children not to spend time with the parent, most parents in Pennsylvania share custody. If, for some reason, one parent is given sole custody of the child, the other parent typically has some kind of rights to visitation, either supervised or unsupervised.