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Car Accidents Archives

Some crash injuries have delayed symptoms

In the moments following an auto accident, the first concern is the physical well being of everyone involved. Pennsylvania motorists should know that ailments could change in the days and weeks following a crash. Because injuries are often more severe than they initially appear, patience can prove beneficial when assessing accident damages and evaluating insurance settlements.

Drunk driving can lead to devastating consequences

Drivers in Pennsylvania who come into contact with a drunk driver on the roadways could face lifelong, devastating consequences as a result of a crash. In fact, of all deaths that occur due to traffic accidents, one-third of them are related to driving while under the influence. There are many reasons why drunk driving crashes can be so dangerous, but some people are more vulnerable to fatalities in these accidents than others. For example, people under the age of 24, motorcyclists and individuals with prior DUI convictions are the most likely to lose their lives in a drunk driving crash.

Soft tissue injuries can result from car accidents

For people in Pennsylvania and across the country, soft tissue injuries may be of particular concern in car accidents. These types of injuries involve non-bone body parts, including tendons, ligaments and muscles. Including tears, sprains, strains, soreness and other types of injuries, soft tissue damage can be a common after-effect of a car accident.

State governors have role to play in traffic safety

The chances of people getting in a car crash in Pennsylvania have worsened in recent years. A report published by the National Governors Association has taken on the problem of declining roadway safety. The report highlights the role of governors in addressing the problem.

NHTSA announces summit on drugged driving

The causes of the recent increase in accidents related to drugged driving in Pennsylvania and across the nation aren't clear. Many experts point to the expansion of marijuana legalization in some states. Others believe it may be related to the opioid epidemic. Regardless of the reason, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is issuing a call to action in hopes of limiting resulting fatalities.

Road rage in Pennsylvania

Most drivers in Pennsylvania have witnessed or been involved in a road rage incident at one time or another. Remaining calm in these situations can help maintain safety. However, this can be difficult to do when anger is added to mundane road frustrations. While it may be impossible to avoid enraged drivers altogether, there are ways motorists can lower their chances of becoming embroiled in potentially perilous situations.

How the NHTSA is warning against drunk driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has kicked off its annual Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign in the effort to keep motorists from driving drunk during the holiday season and beyond. The campaign consists of TV commercials, which are being aired in Pennsylvania and all over the U.S., and a 360-degree virtual reality web program that allows users to explore the scene of a drunk driving crash.

The decreasing rate of vehicle deaths

Though many are aware that vehicle deaths have decreased since the early 1980s, some may not be aware of how dramatic of a drop there has been. Few people in Pennsylvania are aware of the large disparity between vehicle models and deaths attributed to each model, or how much safer later model vehicles may be.