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High Asset Divorce Archives

Do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a prenup?

Many Pennsylvania residents may have heard that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. While celebrity divorces are not rare, theirs is an interesting situation. During the 12 years they have been together, they have made more than half a billion dollars and added six children to their family. Considering that they did not marry until 2014, some observersare interested in how the division of their significant assets will be handled.

Protecting a child's college savings during a divorce

Many parents in Pennsylvania hope to put some money aside for their children's future educational expenses. A typical college fund may be in the form of a simple savings account, savings plan or savings bond. When two parents go through a divorce, the college savings that they have accumulated for their children will be considered a marital asset that has to be divided.

Divorce and financial planning in Pennsylvania

As part of a divorce, individuals need to understand both their marital financial situation as well as their financial situation after the divorce. It may be necessary to take inventory of assets and then take a look at income for living and other expenses after the marriage is officially dissolved. Individuals may also need to alter their estate plans and update beneficiary designations after the divorce is final.

Obtaining financial security through divorce

One important factor in making informative financial decisions during a divorce is to have a comprehensive understanding of current and future financial circumstances. Pennsylvania residents who are undergoing a divorce should not hesitate to seek the objective counsel of divorce lawyer.

Divorcees may retain Social Security benefits from their exes

Getting divorced doesn't necessarily mean Pennsylvania residents lose the advantages they'd have enjoyed if they stayed together. In some cases, they might still be permitted to claim Social Security benefits from their former spouses. The validity of such claims is determined by a complex set of rules. One important determining factor is whether the ex-spouse in question was actually eligible for Social Security.

Smart financial decisions in case of divorce

Pennsylvania couples who are getting married should consider how they will handle their finances. In many marriages, one person tends to be savvier about finances and handle the bills and budgeting. However, if both take responsibility for financial matters, it is better for the marriage and also leaves both spouses in a stronger position in case of divorce.

When a divorce goes public

Many Pennsylvania couples may be interested to learn that the divorce rates in the United States are on the rise, especially among older couples. In many cases, people who have been together longer have more assets that will need to be taken care of. If the case goes public, such as Johnny Depp's divorce, the toll on the couple's privacy can be heavy.

Protecting an inheritance from marital property division

Pennsylvania couples who are planning to divorce may have questions about an inheritance that was received by either spouse. While the general rule for property division is that an inheritance is the separate property of the person who receives it, the result may be different in certain situations.

Joint or separate tax filing for married parties

Pennsylvania residents who are not married but are involved in civil unions or domestic partnerships do not have the option of filing jointly on their federal income tax returns. However, married individuals, including those in same-sex marriages, must select either joint or married filing separately as their status. In many cases, separate filings can result in the loss of certain tax benefits, but in other cases, separate filing is the better choice.