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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Reassigning child custody due to military deployment

In Pennsylvania, a court will consider altering a child custody agreement when one of the custodial parents must fulfill a military deployment obligation. Before leaving, the military service member must petition the court alongside his or her spouse with a proposal that states who will care for the child while the parent is away.

Challenges of enforcing international child custody regulations

Divorce can be a complicated, emotional process, made even more so when child custody issues are involved. The entire process can become even more complex when one of the ex-spouses decides to move to another country and take their child with them, violating custody orders and agreements. Pennsylvania residents who might be facing this situation might benefit from knowing what recourse a parent might have if their ex-spouse takes the child of the United States and refuses to return.

Custody battles may cost more than they are worth

Many Pennsylvania parents who go through divorces become involved in bitter custody battles. While fighting over who gets full custody of the children, parents may end up causing more damage than the fight is worth. A parent might believe that it is in their child's best interest to live with them full time, but several studies have shown that shared parenting is actually better for most children.

New study acknowledges false positives in drug testing

Someone in Pennsylvania confronted with losing parental rights because of a drug test may want to insist on a second chance. A study released by the Institute of Forensic Medicine indicated that hair tests, which have been considered highly accurate, can produce false positives for marijuana use.

Facebook profile used in custody battle for the first time

Those involved in the legal profession in Pennsylvania are probably already aware that a judge in New York is allowing a Facebook profile into evidence for a child custody case. While social media sites like Facebook have been used in court cases before, this use of a Facebook profile may be unprecedented.

Judge rules state has no jurisdiction in Rutherford case

Pennsylvania entertainment fans may be interested to learn about the latest development in actress Kelly Rutherford's custody battle. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ruled that California no longer has jurisdiction over the matter and that Ms. Rutherford's case thus cannot proceed in that state.

How substance abuse can affect child custody

When a Pennsylvania couple with young children chooses to part ways and is having a custody dispute, there are many factors that go into which parent will receive legal custody and what the visitation rights for the other parent will be. One common reason why a parent might not receive custody is if there is substance abuse or other personal problems.

Increased attention given to shared parenting benefits

Pennsylvania families dealing with child custody issues after a divorce may realize that it can be challenging to reach an agreement that ideally meets the needs of all parties involved. However, the idea of shared parenting is gaining in popularity as states across the country have introduced legislation to provide for more balanced parenting time. This movement is backed by research that indicates that equal parenting time is one of the most effective strategies for minimizing the negative impact of divorce on children.

Court orders Kelly Rutherford's kids back to U.S.

Pennsylvania residents may have heard that a California court has ordered the ex-husband of actress Kelly Rutherford to return the couple's two children to the United States and place them in her custody. The children have been living with her estranged spouse in France for a few years.

Reality television star may seek custody of one of his 8 children

The Pennsylvania-based reality television show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8" was renamed 'Kate Plus 8" after the titular couple went through a contentious divorce in 2009. While Jon Gosselin may no longer appear on the rebooted program, he continues to be fodder for celebrity gossip columnists. The 38-year-old father was in the news again in May 2015 when reports emerged that he was contemplating a legal action to obtain custody of one of his eight children.