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Posts tagged "Child custody"

Child visitation following divorce

When Pennsylvania parents get divorced, it's important for both parties to create a parenting plan that take the needs of the child into account. A consistent visitation schedule can allow children to have a relationship with both parents and help them regain a sense of stability following the dissolution of their parents' marriage. However, sometimes problems can occur, especially when the ex-spouses are not on good terms with one another.

Pet custody in divorce

When a Pennsylvania couple divorces, frequent areas of dispute include custody of the children and property division. Another, although less well-known, area of conflict is pet custody. Cats, dogs and other domestic animals can become unwitting pawns in the breakup of a marriage.

The controversy around parental alienation

Some divorced Pennsylvania parents may have been accused of parental alienation, or they may have had it practiced against them. Parental alienation occurs when one parent badmouths the other parent to a child so much that the child begins to turn against them. While the concept is becoming widely accepted within the legal system, some legal experts as well as the medical establishment are cautious about its use.

How the Hague Convention protects children

Pennsylvania parents who are divorcing a spouse who has ties with another country may be concerned about an international child abduction. The Hague Convention, which the United States is a signatory to along with more than 90 other countries, is intended to protect against international child abduction, but parents should act quickly if an abduction occurs.

Fathers' rights to parent their children

It is unfortunate that some Pennsylvania fathers who have gone through a divorce find themselves in situations in which their former spouses control when and even if they can see their children. Some fathers mistakenly believe there is little they can do when the mothers prevent them from exercising their custodial and visitation rights.

The impact of a prolonged divorce on children

A Pennsylvania couple might go through an extensive period of fighting and other negative activity before finally deciding that divorce is the best solution. However, a decision to end a marriage can still be affected by issues such as guilt, wishing that a relationship would work out, religious beliefs and the input of family members. Even with action underway, a couple might still find reasons to delay the process and try to reconcile. While some couples may succeed in salvaging their marriages, others may find that divorce is the best resolution.

The importance of a detailed parenting plan

Pennsylvania couples who are divorcing will likely need to create a parenting plan if they have young children. A detailed parenting plan can have a number of advantages. The time that parents spend in creating one gives them the opportunity to anticipate potential future conflicts and create a framework for resolution.

11 taken into custody for not paying child support

Eleven individuals were taken into custody for failing to pay a total of $126,218.63 in child support during a Feb. 3 sweep in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. One man from Ambler owed $21,521.33 for one child while another man in Glenside owed $39,615.39 in back support for another child. Overall, the 11 parents who were taken into custody owed support for 16 children.

Sheri Shepherd appealing parental decision

A former co-host of the popular daytime talk show 'The View" wants her child support case heard by Pennsylvania's highest court. A judge ruled in April 2015 that Sheri Shepherd is legally and financially responsible for a child born to her ex-husband and a surrogate mother, but the former talk show co-host is unhappy with the decision and has petitioned the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to hear her appeal.

Child custody and co-parenting in Pennsylvania

After child custody and visitation matters are over, parents are often left to work together in order to raise their children. When Pennsylvania parents keep their children's best interests in mind and work towards co-parenting, their children may be better adjusted and happier.