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Posts tagged "Divorce Mediation"

Questioning the viability of mediation during a divorce

Every day, couples in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. decide that they want to seek a divorce. When a dissolution of marriage is inevitable, spouses must consider everything from living arrangements to division of property and debt. Sometimes, a couple's split is amicable and a divorce agreement can be reached easily. In many cases, however, the emotional stress involved during a split can lead to disputes, resulting in lengthy divorce proceedings and high court costs.

Mediation may help solve divorce issues

When Pennsylvania couples can't come to an amicable agreement over the terms of their divorce, mediation may be a way to reach an accord while avoiding having the issues decided by a judge. A mediator is an impartial third party who listens to both sides, and then works with the couple on finding agreement on terms that, hopefully, meet both of their needs.

Challenges with divorces involving major conflicts

Divorce action often implies that there has been serious conflict in a Pennsylvania marriage. However, a couple that is contemplating divorce may already be aware of some of the risks associated with a high conflict action. Although there may be significant differences, efforts to work through the process in a civil manner could alleviate some of the most negative potential outcomes.

The right for fathers to seek child support

Whether fathers should be able to receive child support from mothers is up for debate in many circles. While some people think that fathers deserve the right in certain situations, others believe that fathers do not deserve the right because they are the natural providers. Pennsylvania parents could gain some insight on the matter from a high-profile case.

Mediation as an alternative to divorce litigation

Many Pennsylvanians think that getting a divorce will involve bitter, costly and protracted court litigation. However, one alternative to litigation is divorce mediation, an alternative process that is aimed at helping couples to reach a full settlement agreement.

How mediation makes divorce easier in Pennsylvania

Much has been made recently of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's decision to settle their divorce outside of court. In an era where many couples spend fortunes on divorce attorneys, mediation can have many benefits. The biggest benefit may be that it can shield any children the couple may have from some or all of the trauma that divorce may bring.