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Protecting children from the emotional trauma of divorce

Even the most acrimonious of divorcing couples in Pennsylvania may be able to lay their disagreements to rest during child custody and visitation discussions. While divorcing parents often have very different ideas about what is fair when they talk about property division or alimony, they are generally able to accept that they both want what is best for their children. For most couples, shielding their children from the emotional fallout of the divorce is a top priority.

Avoiding conflict during child custody exchanges

For divorcing parents in Pennsylvania, settling on a child custody and visitation arrangement is often the central issue in the divorce proceeding. When parents part ways, they must have a plan for sharing parenting time. The pick-ups and drop-offs that will be necessary to fulfill the parenting plan must be arranged as well. If parents do not get along with each other, there is a great potential for conflict during child custody exchanges.

When is reasonable visitation a good option?

Philadelphia parents who are going through a divorce and who are determining custody have different visitation options to consider, and each particular situation will determine which option is best for the family. For some couples, a judge might establish that the non-custodial parent is entitled to reasonable visitation. In this case, the relationship between the ex-spouses is very central to making the visitation schedule work.

How to resolve parenting conflicts after divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are divorced might run into disagreements about issues regarding their children. When these conflicts are about issues like children's activities, litigation is often not the best choice. It can be expensive, and judges may resist being dragged into such conflicts. Parents may want to look into other options if they cannot resolve the conflict by talking to one another.

Resolving parental conflicts after divorce

Divorced Pennsylvania parents might have conflicts over issues such as how much time one child spends playing video games. Most therapists believe that parents should try to be consistent in their rules between households. A parent who objects to the amount of time the other parent allows the child to spend on gaming might wonder how to curb that behavior.

Choosing where the child will live after a divorce

When Pennsylvania parents decide to get a divorce, most courts attempt to split the time both get with their child as evenly as possible. Even if the child primarily lives with one parent, the other parent usually gets a certain amount of time as well. In these cases, the court may have to decide who the child will primarily live with.

Maintaining relationships with children virtually

When a couple divorces or one parent relocates, it can be hard for the noncustodial parent to keep in contact with a child or children. However, maintaining a relationship with a child is important. Parents in Pennsylvania and other states could use virtual visitation to stay in touch with a child when spending time together in person is difficult.